Custom Homes with Pocock Building Company

Pocock Building Company is focused on building custom residential homes in Albany and the surrounding areas within the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. We build personalised and exceptional homes that are far more than the standard homes offered by project builders.

Going above and beyond for our clients and consistent high quality in each of our custom homes is what sets Pocock Building Company apart from the other builders in Albany.

What is A Custom Home?

A custom home is a one-off home designed specifically for you and your block. You will work one-on-one with our in-house design consultants to create every aspect of the home of your dreams.

Our award winning, experienced designers work to understand who you are and how you will use your home. This personal interaction with a dedicated designer ensures your customised design has all the features you desire and importantly, is a functional home. Whether you've built before or this is your first new home, Pocock Building Company's in-house designers can provide as much or as little assistance as you need.

Quality with Pocock Building Company

At Pocock Building Company every home is a representation of the Company’s unwavering vision to build homes of outstanding quality for each and every client. This belief extends from the superior quality of our standard specifications for each home (often referred to as the ‘premium’ range by others), to the professionals, trades people and suppliers with whom we work.

With a Pocock Building Company home clients can relax, secure in the knowledge their home will last and potentially retain a higher value over time.

Value For Money With Pocock Building Company

Did you know the final, all-in price of a custom designed, Pocock Building Company home is highly comparable to project builders prices?  Other builders make their pricing seem cheaper by:

  1. Classifying what should be Standard Features as optional upgrades.  Once you include all the "upgrades" you'll need to make your house a home you'll see Pocock Building Company  homes are true value for money.
  2. Charging you variation fees for each and every change you make to their set plans regardless of the size of the change. Pocock Building Company doesn't charge variation fees.
Why Build a Custom Home

Rather than trying to find a plan that is the closest fit to your needs, building a custom designed home allows you to create a home tailored to you and the way you live? There is absolutely no reason why you should settle when you can have exactly what you need and want.

The major benefit of a custom home is control, you control every detail of your home:

  • When you control every aspect of your home such as size, building materials and layout, you can save money by excluding features you don't need, ensure you have all the features you need and spend your savings on the extras important to you.
  • Make the most of your block location and orientation to capture views or utilise passive heating/cooling.
  • Every household is different and changes over time, a custom designed home gives you the ability to provide for the needs of the entire household now and into the future.
Personalised Customer Service

For Pocock Building Company, building custom homes is not only about the design, we believe customer service should also be tailored to each client. Our clients range from people who have previously built many houses to those building for the first time. We pride ourselves on our personalised customer service, tailored to the needs of each client.

Our team meticulously step clients through each stage of the process, with key points of differentiation including meeting with clients as often as desired by the client and accompanying the client to local suppliers during the selection process. The entire building process is made easy and an enjoyable experience. Building can be fun!

At Pocock Building Company clients aren’t just a “number”. You will receive all the attention you need and deserve.